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What is the Green Card Lottery?

An official US government program that awards US permanent residency (“green card”) to 50,000 individuals and their families every year. It is formally known as the Diversify Visa Lottery and was created to diversify the immigrant population in the US.

Who can apply?

Natives of qualifying countries

The Department of State (DOS) selects eligible countries every year. You, your spouse, or your parents must have been born in one of those countries to apply.

+ High School Education

You must have completed at least a high school education or a foreign equivalent of a US High School education (equivalent of US grade 12).

OR 2 years of work experience

Those without a high school education equivalent are still eligible if they have 2 years of work experience in specific fields.

General Immigration Requirements

They must also satisfy general immigration requirements, such as means of support, no criminal background, and good health.

Who we are

GreenCardLotteryDV is the brainchild of Benjamin Mason. A CPA by training, Benjamin is an immigrant to the US and greatly appreciates the opportunities this country has provided for him. That’s why he’s passionate about helping those who, like him, want to make the US their new home.

Benjamin has been helping applicants from all over the world with their lottery applications for over 2 years. As a CPA, his careful approach to paperwork has helped numerous clients avoid mistakes in their application (the #1 reason for a lottery application being rejected!).

How do I apply?

Step 1: Fill out the easy form here (we have 24 hour chat support if you have any questions!)

Step 2: We’ll file your application and make sure there are no mistakes

Step 3: We’ll notify you when you can check your results on the government website

Step 4: With luck, you’ll soon be enjoying life in the US!